Join Tim Elmore, John Maxwell, and Special Guests for a Launch Event that will Change the Way You Look at Workplace Diversity
“74% of hiring professionals say that the most significant trend shaping the recruitment world right now is the rise of the multi-generational workforce. ”
The New Kind of Diversity Book Launch Event
Premieres Tuesday, October 25 at 12 Noon Eastern Time 
For the first time in history, up to five generations find themselves working alongside each other in a typical company. The result? There can be division. Interactions between people from different generations can resemble a cross-cultural relationship. Both usually possess different values and customs. At times, each generation is literally speaking a different language!

A New Kind of Diversity Book Launch Event features key business and workplace leaders from all generations to help you and your company figure out how to better understand each other and work together.
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The Launch Event is Your Chance to Bring You and Your Team Together and Tackle the Topic of Generational Diversity and Solve the Real Problems that Exist
Learn how to:
 Get the most out of the strengths of each age group on your team.
 Foster effective communication instead of isolation among people.
 Build bridges rather than walls so that loneliness becomes connectedness.
 ​​Connect people to learn how both veterans and rookies can mentor each other.
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Totally Free to Attend and features A New Kind of Diversity author Tim Elmore, the world’s foremost leadership expert John C. Maxwell, and leadership voices from all 5 leadership generations

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